Thursday, February 24, 2011

A day late, but not a dollar short: National "Curling is Cool" Day!

[Yesterday was] National "Curling is Cool" Day. Who knew there was a day to celebrate the obscure sport of curling?? Interesting, too, because I just made a "genealogical" purchase on eBay last week: a pin from the curling club that was founded by my great grandfather, Charles Burton Lenont. The Club, called the Virginia-Lenont Curling Club, was founded in the first half of the 20th century. I can't get more precise than that until we open our cabin for the summer and I can get up north to do research at the Virginia (Minnesota) Historical Society. The Virginia-Lenont Curling Club existed until it was merged with three other clubs in the area in 1998.

It's interesting to google the name of the club and to see that most of the listings about it are obituaries. People were so proud to have belonged, and enjoyed curling so much, that their families listed the name of their curling club in their obituary! One such club member was my own great-auntie and C.B. Lenont's daughter, Joy Lenont Giblin, who passed away in 2009.

A biographical write-up of C.B. Lenont reads:
He was one of the founders of the Virginia Curling Club and an enthusiastic follower of this Scottish sport throughout his life. In 1944 he established a perpetual trust, the proceeds from which are used in an annual tournament for the Lenont Trophy and at the discretion of the trustees in furthering interest in this winter sport.

So, I'm a day late for the holiday, but not a dollar short! I bought the pin on eBay as part of a "lot" of curling club pins. I don't know anything about curling - I just wanted the one pin. Within 24 hours of receiving the lot, I turned around and listed it and resold it for the same amount I paid for it - basically getting my pin for free!

It's just a fun little piece of my family's history to have. Wishing you a belated Happy "Curling is Cool" Day!


  1. Curling is a big sport here in New Hampshire. At the local country clubs there are two types of membership, golf or curling! After the last Olympics, it exploded in popularity and the old clubs have seen a surge in membership.

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